Terms and conditions of cooperation

Terms and Conditions of Cooperation with the MedicalRenting.com websiteService)


  1. This document defines the rules of cooperation between MedicalRenting.com Sp. z o. o. (Website Operator) and entities willing to offer to other entities (doctors - Website Users) the rental of operating rooms, treatment rooms, training rooms, doctors' offices and diagnostic and treatment rooms to Users via the Website (Partners).
  2. All terms used in this document have the meaning given to them in the Terms of Use of the MedicalRenting.com Website, available on the Website's website www.MedicalRenting.com.


  1. As a result of registration on the Website as a Partner, an agreement is concluded with the Operator for the provision of promotional and advertising services, consisting in the creation and publication by the Operator of a Partner Profile on the MedicalRenting.com Website.
  2. After the Partner accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use of the MedicalRenting.com Website and the Terms of Cooperation, the Operator enables him to publish on the Partner's Profile offers for the rental of operating, treatment, training, medical and diagnostic and treatment rooms (Information service, Order a room service) and provides contact tools. with Users interested in the offer (Messenger service).


  1. The Partner, in connection with the service rendered to him/her by the Operator bears the commission fee, the amount of which is defined in Point 2.
  2. The amount of the commission fee is 6% of the room rental price charged by the Operator from the User on the basis of the Regulations. The Operator's remuneration will be increased by the VAT due at the rate applicable on the day the tax obligation arises.
  3. The fee is calculated in monthly settlement periods on the basis of rental services provided by the Partner to each User who contacted the Order Provider via the Service.
  4. Subject to the provisions of section 9 below, the commission fee will be payable in arrears, i.e. at the end of a given month, on the basis of an appropriate invoice, issued on the basis of the settlement referred to in paragraph 6. The remuneration will be payable within 14 days of issuing the invoice.
  5. The remuneration is also due to the Operator if:
    a) The room was rented to the User when the Partner had his Profile on the Website, and until its removal, the commission fee was not charged,
    b) Rental service was provided by the Partner to the User as a result of using the Service, but after deleting the Partner's Profile from the Service,
    c) Selection of the Partner's offer was made by the User as a result of using information available on the Website, but the Room was booked outside the Website as a result of providing contact details enabling the Partner and the User to conclude a agreement outside the Website.
  6. Operator on the basis of data in the scope of quantity and type of services provided by Order Provider to Customers, sends to the Order Provider at the end of each calendar month, no later than the 5th day of the next month, a statement, including the number of services provided, their price and the amount of remuneration due to the Operator.
  7. This statement may be in electronic form. If the Partner disputes the content of the statement, he may within 3 days raise objections to the statement, otherwise he loses the right to further invoke the irregularities found.
  8. The Partner is obliged to notify the Operator of any failure to perform the rental service booked via the Website and its reasons within 7 days of such event, no later than at the end of the billing period.
  9. The commission fee will be payable by deducting the liability due to the Partner - for the Operator to transfer the remuneration for the rental service provided by the Partner, collected from the User on the terms specified in the Regulations - without the need to submit separate declarations of will in this regard, to which the Partner agrees. The parties allow the deduction of both claims, even if any of them is not due.


  1. The Operator transfers to the Partner the amount collected from the User within the period specified in the Regulations, i.e. on the date of confirmation of the rental service.
  2. Partner is obliged to inform the Operator about any case of cancellation of booking by the User, if the cancellation was made bypassing the Service.
  3. In case of cancellation of the booking due to reasons attributable to the Partner, apart from the consequences specified in these Regulations, the Operator shall be entitled to a one-time increase of the commission for the next reservation of services offered by the Partner via the Website up to 13%.


  1. These terms and conditions shall apply as long as the Partner has his Profile on the Website, and after that time to settle the fees for the Partner's Services ordered via the Website and made after deleting the Partner's Profile.
  2. Deleting of a Profile may take place at any time as a result of adequate disposition made by the Partner through the Service or by e-mail.
  3. Deleting of the Profile results in termination of the agreement on providing services, referred to in §2 of the Terms and Conditions of Cooperation.
  4. Any changes in the legal relationship between the parties require at least the documentary form for their validity.

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