START MAKING MONEY ON IT! is the only portal that allows you to rent operating theatres and surgeries for days or hours.

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Our portal connects doctors interested in occasional renting of operating theatres and treatment rooms with the owners of such facilities.

You can make the operating room available with or without the staff - it all depends on your abilities and the needs of the doctor interested in renting.

In order to ensure safety, we verify all users of the service - only people connected to the health service can create an account. The presence on the portal is free - we charge only 6% of the rental value from the person renting the room.

How does it work?

Register on the portal and complete your data - absolutely free!

Present your operating theatre or surgery - describe in detail the equipment and the purpose for which the room may be rented.

Add to the calendar the dates on which the room will be available to other doctors.

Wait for messages from interested professionals!

Why is it worth it?

Renting a room is an opportunity to earn extra money in a simple way.

Your surgery will be working for itself during the time when you will not be operating in it - e.g. during holidays or weekends.

By seeing patients of another doctor in your facility, the patient will automatically become familiar with your medical repute.

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